Downloadable software, written by me. The most of them are Perl scripts, and probably mainly of interest for webmasters and similar people. As some of the scripts have been written long ago, there are quite drastic changes in style in-between them. Of course it’s not worth mentioning that there is no kind of warranty whatsoever included. Use the stuff here at your own risk. Do not try to blame me, if one of my programs eats your dog or something like this.

There’s one more thing I ought to mention: Remember that you are on a German website. This means that the programs may contain German documentation and menus. Also, the code may contain German comments. Be that as it may, much of the stuff here is commented and documented (exclusively) in English.

GlobMoeSt tries to construct a large image from the individual frames of a camera pan. This works especially well for animated content. (C)
Lilprox 1.2
A simple HTTP proxy (which does not support all HTTP (proxy) features though) with perl filtering, which can be used to fix broken HTTP headers or to remove advertisements, for example. (C/Perl)
Computerlogbuch II v1.1
A complete reimplementation of a Delphi program that I have written long ago. Computerlogbuch II is a diary, with (Blowfish, CBC) encrypted entry files. It’s released under the GNU GPL. Source code included. New: Short passwords result in an error message and saving/loading should work with WinXP.
Dizzy - Digital Simulator 1.1
This was written as project for school (which is the reason for some strange programming practices). Dizzy is used to create (TTL) circuits. Source code included. Components: Switch, pulse generator, LED, Not, And, Or, Nand, Nor, Xor, JK-MS-Flip-Flop, 1-Bit-full-adder, 4-Bit-full-adder, 4-to-1-multiplexer, 16x4-Bit-RAM
Simple Comment Book II v1.2
A guestbook. An incompatible reimplementation of the ASCB, which once could be found here. (CGI/Perl script)
The Web Bin Packer
The Web Bin Packer distributes elements of varying sizes between containers of a fixed size. Demo.(CGI/Perl script)
Simple Traffic Calculator 1.14 (Win32 binary)
A simple C program to calculate time/bandwith/transferred data from the two other values. (C)
Univote 1.0
A poll system. (CGI/Perl script)
A counter with IP address blocker. (CGI/Perl script)
An archive bot for email RPGs. I will not help with the installation process etc., sorry. (CGI/Perl script)
FileList v.1.0
A script to list files. (CGI/Perl script)
Patch for X-Chat 1.8.8
This patch marks channel admins in the euIRC with a blue dot.
Calculates the PSNR of two pictures. (C)
Diffpicture 2
Calculates the difference between two pictures in percent. This reimplementation is much faster than the perl version. Uses DevIL for image loading. (C)
Diffpicture v1.0
Calculates the difference between two pictures in percent. (Perl script)
plSokoban Suite
A Sokoban implementation written in Perl.