The Web Bin Packer


What is this?

This is a bin packer. It uses sorted packing and the first fit algorithm. It can be used to find a method of distributing chunks of varying size over a number of containers of a specific size. The worst case result is never suboptimal by more than 22%, which is probably the best you can hope for without using brute force.

What about the data I enter?

Do not trust The Web Bin Packer not to save your data for manual analysis or out of curiosity. It probably will save it. If you don't like this, you can download the source code (The Web Bin Packer is Free Software) from the software section of and run your own. You'll need a webserver (such as The Apache HTTP Server) with Perl support, though.

Give me an example, how to use this thing.

Ok. Example:


Field separation


Field position

Position (starting with 0) of chunk size.


Size of containers.

Chunk list

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